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Special occasion coming up?

Karen Gold offers bespoke services for a wide range of events and functions.

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We pride ourselves in our Bespoke Service ensuring an uncompromising level of craftsmanship and service. We style you perfectly beyond your imagination. It’s about creating designs unique to you. We rise to the challenge of collaborating with you to create a perfect outfit that fits your body shape, lifestyle and taste. With bespoke tailoring you can create illusions of being slimmer, taller and curvier.

Our inimitable selection of hand woven and hand embroidered fabrics that are solely hand loomed in Nigeria are second to none, amongst the finest of silks and jacquards that can only be found in our showroom.


At Karen Gold we design and make bespoke dresses for bridesmaids, which compliment suits that can be tailor made for groomsmen alike.


One of the biggest concerns for women is their tummy, and we can conceal and flatter, just in the way the skirt or the trousers pull that in. We also leave a lot of inlay (excess fabric) in bespoke pieces, meaning you can let garments out by up to six inches if you change shape or want to adapt the silhouette slightly.

Wearing a Bespoke outfit is an understated way of dressing that means you are confident, you have the most flattering garments in your choice of fabrics, with exactly the neckline, hem length, sleeve shape etc. that you like. Once you have started buying like this, you rarely consider buying off the rails, you would prefer customized mad


We produce the finest business; formal and dinner wear in the cutting room and workshops of our premises. With a team of experienced cutters, tailors, finishers and a presser working on site, we hand-cut and tailor clothing in-house, ensuring that the highest standards are maintained at every stage. Bespoke clothing is made to last and if looked after properly should last a lifetime.


Get in touch with us detailing your requests and we will be in touch within 24hrs.


“There is something about the process of being measured, choosing the details such as the right shoulder line, the lapel, the silhouette, going for fittings, the impeccable finishing. You gain a level of craftsmanship and quality, from skilled workers, which is simply not possible in a ready-to-wear garment.

It is a great feeling to know that you are wearing something unique that you will never ever find on someone else and our confidentiality agreement with all our staff ensures that lips are sealed with regards our services from consultation through to measurement, fitting and collection”.

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